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The professional association ASSITEJ, represents the interests of its members, supports their initiatives and objectives and actively promotes exchange and dialogue.
ASSITEJ is committed to the best possible social, legal and economic framework for professionals in dance and theatre.
ASSITEJ is a catalyst for networking within various professions in theatre and dance for a young audience.

  • As an ASSITEJ member you are part of an inspiring, actively networking and helpful professional association.

  • With your membership card, you will enjoy admission fee discounts to many venues and national and international festivals.

  • You will receive a monthly newsletter with the latest news about the cultural children and youth scene within Switzerland and internationally.

  • Your membership gives the possibility to publish your premieres for example in IXYPSILONZETT- the magazine for children's and youth theatre or in the Newsmail.
  • As a member of the World Association ASSITEJ International and its representatives in over 80 countries, ASSITEJ gives you privileged access to international projects, calls for proposals, scholarships, cooperation, festivals, conferences and competitions.

  • ASSITEJ gives you the opportunity to actively participate in working groups on current topics and projects in the field of children's and youth theatre.

Network yourself! Help yourself and all of us to offer children and young people great and valuable cultural activities in dance and theatre!

The memberships

A. Active membership

The following criteria apply to active membership of ASSITEJ:

1. Active individual membership
Annual membership fee: 165 CHF

The following professionals fields are included:
Acting, directing, authorship, dramaturgy, dance, puppetry, choreography, theatre pedagogy, music, narration, nouveau cirque, stage design, costume design, technology and production management

The following criteria must be met:
A. Four years of full-time training (graduates from accredited higher education are admitted without further examination).

B. Four years of continuous professional experience in a professional theatre or   dance company, working the last two years mainly for children's and youth theatre or dance.

a combination of A and B.

In case of doubt, a discussion will be held with the members of the board.
It can be decided upon a provisional admission for two years, during this the further development will be monitored by the board.

The following documents must be submitted:
Short CV
Letter of Motivation
Listing of activities in the field of children's and youth theatre

2. Active Next Generation membership - in education
annual membership fee: 50 CHF

The following documents must be submitted:
Short CV
Confirmation of a training in the field of dance or theatre
Letter of Motivation

3. Active collective members
Annual membership fee: 330 CHF

The same regulations apply to theatre and dance groups as to individual members. 2/3 of the group must meet these criteria in order to be accepted as a group.

The following documents must be submitted:
Short CV of all collective members
Short letter of motivation of the collective
Listing of activities in children's and youth theatre or dance

Organisers, theatres & dance venues can be accepted as collective members if they continuously programme theatre or dance for a young audience.
Agencies and cantonal offices in the field of professional children's and youth theatre, dance and school mediation can be accepted as collective members.

Active membership (individual or collective) includes the invitation to the annual general assembly and provides voting rights.

B. Supporting membership

You would like to support the ASSITEJ ideally & financially, even if you do not explicitly produce or organise dance and theatre for children and young people?

We welcome this and thank you very much in advance!

1. Individual supporting membership
Annual membership fee: At least 55 CHF

2. Collective supporting membership
Annual membership fee: At least 110 CHF

The sponsoring membership (individual or collective) gives entitlement to all workshops and meetings initiated by ASSITEJ and entitles to participate in the annual general assembly of ASSITEJ without the rights to vote.

Application form

Interested in becoming a member?

Download the PDF form, fill it out, attach the necessary documents and send it by e-mail to: : info(at)

Download application form ASSITEJ Switzerland (PDF)

List of members

-Antener Caroline
-Association les minis-moliere / Mini-Théâtre
-Associazione Teatro Pan

-Bagat – Producziun da teater  -Basler Marionetten Theater
-Beeler Enrico
-Beeler Urs
-Berendts Carola
-Berger Ursula
-Bill Franziska
-Bisaz Clo
-Blanchet Laure-Isabelle
-Blancpain Françoise
-Blarer, von Franziska
-Blumenthal Noemie
-Bohn Jörg
-Bosshard Kathrin
-Brack Lees Jacqueline
-Breitenmoser Nicole
-Bühne Aarau

-Cavallaro Raffaele
-Centre Culturel Neuchâtelois – Théâtre du Pommier
-Compagnia Finzi Pasca
-Compagnie Ad'Oc
-Compagnie Nicole & Martin Gubler

-D'Arcangelo Daniela
-Dedemailan Rojas Alvarez Naya
-Déer Dodó
-Die Nachbarn
-Diener Raphaël
-Dürr Pamela

-Eigenmann Pepe
-Elmiger Priska

-Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW
-Fachstelle Kulturvermittlung Kanton Aargau
-Fenner Joe
-FigurenTheater St. Gallen
-Fischer Petra
-Florence Auvergne-Abric
-Fondazione Teatro Dimitri
-Frick Sibylle
-Friedli Anna

-Gerber Markus
-Gessnerallee Zürich
-Glauser Christin
-Gnant Max
-Güdel Pascale
-Gysin Margrit

-Haldimann Thomas
-Hanselmann Cornelia
-Homann Sinje
-Huber Michael

-Il funambolo
-Irion Kathrin

-Jongerius Alma
-Junge Bühne Bern
-Junge Marie
-junges theater basel
-Jungspund – Theaterfestival

-Kollektiv F
-Kramer-Länger Matthias
-Kulturvereinigung Altes Kino Mels
-Kunos Circus Theater

-La Grenouille – Theaterzentrum junges Publikum/Centre théâtre jeune public Biel/Bienne
-LAB Junges Theater Zürich
-Langenegger Nicole
-Lanz Myrtha
-Leon Beraud Straumann Frida
-Leuenberger Kathrin
-Liechti Corina
-luki*ju theater luzern

-Manger Monika
-Markus Zohner Arts Compagnie
-Mathiasen Sven
-Melvin Melissa
-Meyer Adrian
-Momoll theater
-Müggler Dorothée
-Mojzes Gabi
-Muheim Benno
-Müller Eva

-NiNA Theater
-Nydegger Roger

-Opernhaus Zürich

-Pädagogische Hochschule Luzern
-Pädagogische Hochschule St.Gallen
-Pädagogische Hochschule Zürich

-Rinderknecht Peter
-Rojas-Feile Diana
-Rommel Annette
-Rotemberg Teresa
-Roth Lukas
-Runge Manuela
-Ryser Sebastian

-Sack Mira
-Theater Kanton Zürich
-Théâtre de la Poudrière
-TPR Théâtre populaire romand
-Theaterzirkus Wunderplunder
-Theater Bilitz
-Theater Katerland
-Theater Eiger, Mönch & Jungfrau
-Theater am Kirchplatz TaK
-ThiK. Theater im Kornhaus
-Theater Stadelhofen
-Théâtre des Marionnettes de Genève
-Theater PurPur
-Theaterstudio Golda Eppstein
-Theater Tabula Rasa
-Theater Sgaramusch
-Theater Fallalpha
-Théâtre Escarboucle
-Theater Gustavs Schwestern
-Theater Roos und Humbel
-Theater Chur
-Theater Arlecchino
-Théâtre Frenesi
-Triad Theatercompany
-Teater Giuven Grischun – Junges Theater Graubünden
-Theater Noï
-Theater anundpfirsich
-Theater Tägg en Amsle
-Tanzhaus Zürich
-Theater Saft
-Troise Katya
-Truttmann Thomy
-Trüb Hansueli
-Tschopp Anna Maria

-Ursus & Nadeschkin

-Verein Triplette
-Verny Sarah
-Vögeli Käthi
-Volksschulamt Kanton Zürich
-Vorstadttheater Basel

-Wattenhofer Marcel
-Wehrli Richard
-Weiller Doris
-Winter Véronique
-Wohlgensinger Rahel

-zita bimmelt
-Zirkus Chnopf
-Zürcher Gemeinschaftszentren
-Zürcher Hochschule der Künste ZHdK