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Mission & Offer

"ASSITEJ brings together theatres, organisations and individuals around the world who make theatre for a young audience. ASSITEJ is dedicated to the artistic, cultural and educational rights of children and young people regardless of nationality, cultural identity, abilities, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or religion. ASSITEJ brings people together to share knowledge and practice in the field of theatre for a young audience, to deepen understanding, develop practice, create new opportunities and strengthen the global division. The members of ASSITEJ are national centres, professional networks and individuals from around 100 countries around the world".

Network effort

ASSITEJ International organizes in close cooperation with a host country and the associated ASSITEJ centre, in order to promote worldwide transnational networking:

 Annual Artistic Gatherings (AAG)

The ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering (AAG) is the largest and most important meeting of the international movement of artists, scientists, presenters and purchasers of the performing arts for a young audience:

2021 in Malmö, Schweden
2022 in Belgrade, Serbia

triennial: ASSITEJ World Congress

At the World Congress of ASSITEJ International elections take place (elections of the executive members of the board, votes for venues of the next AAG's etc.) Members of all national ASSITEJ centres can offer workshops and/or are invited to show productions.



«Professional Networks» bring theatre companies, institutions or individuals together across cultural, linguistic, national and other differences as they all pursue a special need in the field of dance and theatre for children and young people.

The following networks currently exist:

Next Generation

The Next Generation Network provides a framework for young artists for further development of their experiences. The aim is to strengthen the possibilities of international exchange and cooperation and to create new opportunities to enhance this kind of work.

The activities are exchanged at ASSITEJ meetings and via online platforms.

Internship opportunities:

ASSITEJ supports Next Generation Placements in order to offer young theatre artists, producers and administrative staff an individual possibility for international mobility in the field of TYA and to promote contact and exchange between experienced and emerging & up -coming artists.

Companies, centres, festivals, venues or associations offer temporary internships. These internships may include the participation in festivals, seminars, forums, workshops, productions or other projects in the field of TYA.

Any person associated with TYA who is between 18 and 35 years old can apply for an internship in this programme. For limited financial support, you may apply to ASSITEJ INTERNATIONAL.

Interested in an internship?
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Playwriting – Write Local Play Global (WLPG)

This network is an online meeting place for people interested in writing for a young audience.

WLPG is a virtual café where you can find out about new work, learn how writers approach their craft and get to know organisations that support and develop the work of writers. A community that brings together international, relevant information on playwriting:

Early Childhood – Small Size

Small Size, the European Network of Performing Arts for Early Childhood (0-6), provides a structure that enables people to meet, share expertise and knowledge, develop joint projects and disseminate information and research.

Small Size promotes awareness of the importance of the performing arts for early childhood. The objectives include the comparison of different European cultural traditions, projects, and events for educators, artists and producers who develop productions for early childhood audiences, and research in this field.
Small Size Website︎︎︎
Prima Festival Website︎︎︎

Research – ITYARN - International research network of ASSITEJ International

This network aims to promote research in the field of theatre, dance and performance for children and young people through international exchange of scientific knowledge and discourse at conferences, symposia and festivals. 

By disseminating international publications edited by peers, ITYARN contributes to the dissemination of knowledge about the history, theory, practice and perception of theatre, dance and performance for children and young people.
zur Website︎︎︎

Inclusivity – IIAN
The International Inclusive Arts Network is an online community.
The network of artists and oranisations wants to ensure that inclusion is represented by all national ASSITEJ centres.

Contact person in the board ASSITEJ Switzerland: Manuela Runge

The Young Dance Network – A Global Network for Exchange

ASSITEJ is interested in supporting the different languages of dance and physicality, in promoting their potential to overcome the narrow linguistic boundaries that can separate.

The Young Dance Network networks choreographers, dancers and dramaturgs. The network aims to create new impulses and development opportunities in the field of contemporary dance for young audiences.

Through individual or group residencies/meetings within the framework of ASSITEJ events, the network members create an environment in which dance practitioners have time for training according to different methods and working approaches as well as for reflection. Artists working for adults have the opportunity to explore this field of work.


News International



Emily Magorrian goes Braunschweig

Switzerland is repeatedlyrepresented at DIRECTORS IN TYA. 2021 with Emily Magorrian from Bern.
More informations here︎︎︎

20.03.21: INFO

Yvette Hardie’s message for the 2021 World Day of Theatre for children and young people